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This is the Documentation of my MythTV installation on OpenSuSE.

my [[MythTVhardware MythTV hardware]]

====MythTV 0.24 Installation====
Status of my productive system:
||mythbackend||master||configured & running, autostart@boot||{{color text="green" c="green"}}||
||mythfrontend||master||configured & running, autostart@boot||{{color text="green" c="green"}}||
||mythfrontend||slave on MAC mini||installed & running, crashes from time to time||{{color text="amber" c="yellow"}}||
||PVR-350 x2||OpenSuSE autodetected||2x running with ivtv, some recordings are dropped||{{color text="amber" c="yellow"}}||
||MythVideo|| ||ok||{{color text="green" c="green"}}||
||MythArchive||-||tested, ok||{{color text="green" c="green"}}||
||Update||Update to 0.24.2 ||pending ||{{color text="gray" c="gray"}}||

OpenSuSE 11.4
connect software repository PackMan
Check MySQL installed, true
ivtv installed, true
Sound configured --> yast, true
TV cards configured --> yast, true

===nVidia Video===
installed the nvidia proprietary drivers from nvidia repository:
only the failsave boots :(

re-start xwindows

The latest nvidia driver has a bug with my TV card:
Desktop effects cause a problem, disabling them solves it.

-> TwinView
-> clone Screen & TV

After adding my second TV card, SuSE booted without X-Windows. Disabling the gfx mode in the boot-loader (remove vga=0x318) solved the problem.
Problem unclear, but it works.

===Mapping remote resources===
==Accessing videos==
mapping of my NAS:
mkdir /videos
(mount -t cifs -o username=user,password=pw //x.x.x.x/Daten/video /videos)
joe /etc/fstab
//x.x.x.x/Daten/video /videos cifs username=user,password=pw,_netdev 0 0
mount -a
This solution requires a mount -a after every boot at the moment. I'm not enough of a Linux geek to know the reason yet. Mr Google was no help neither.

===VNC setup===
I tried activating the Desktop Remote Help:
Anwendungen->System->Verbindung zu Fremdrechnern->Arbeitsfläche freigeben (Krfb)->Menu: Einstellungen->Freigabe der Arbeitsfläche einrichten-> +Uneingeladene Verbindungen akzeptieren, -vor dem Verbinden nachfragen, Passwort
--> random success in sharing display:0 , having a new session worked. Very slow reaction, poor quality.

after reading some forum entries I installed x11vnc trough yast

I was able to connect to display:0 now but it was all black, the faq suggested:
linux:/> x11vnc -chvt 1

Autostart for KDE:

joe ~/.kde4/Autostart/x11vnc
/usr/bin/x11vnc -httpdir /usr/share/vnc/classes -httpport 5902 -display :0 -noxdamage -ultrafilexfer -display :0 -forever -shared -usepw
chmod 755 ~/.kde4/Autostart/x11vnc
--> done.

====MythTV 0.24====
install mythtv_24 packages (all) from PackMan
start MySQL in yast runlevel editor

Set Sound output to the correct device!


zypper install make
perl -MCPAN -e 'install XML::Twig'
perl -MCPAN -e 'install XML::Writer'
perl -MCPAN -e 'install Date::Manip' --> fails
zypper install perl-DateManip

make test
make install
--> OK

configure fails:
perl -MCPAN -e 'install File::Slurp'
perl -MCPAN -e 'install HTML::TreeBuilder'


ran configure in mythtv-setup
manually added frequencies

manually start backend & frontend
can tune live TV now! But exits to black screen... --> Fixed, wrong sound config caused that error.

====Myhtbackend Start at runlevel 3, 5====
The RPM from packman
preconfigures mythbackend in the yast runlevel editor. However some config files are missing and the automatic start fails.
Adding the file /etc/sysconfig/mythbackend with this content solves the problem:
## Path: /etc/sysconfig/mythbackend
## Description: Basic configuration for the mythTV backend
## Type: string
## Default ""
# default options for the mythTV backend

## Type: string
## Default "mythbackend"
# The mythTV backend should run as unprivileged user, if possible

## Type: string
## Default "video"
# The mythTV backend should run as unprivileged group, if possible

## Type: string
# The mythTV backend should run as unprivileged user, if possible


After setting up the sources:
Press 'M' to update videos view...

ERROR: Failed while running jpeg2yuv - jpeg2yuv -n 375 -v0 -I p -f 25 -j '/home/tmp/mytharchive/work/background-1.jpg' | mpeg2enc -b 5000 -a 2 -v 1 -f 8 -o '/home/tmp/mytharchive/work/temp.m2v'

mjpegttools was installed acc. to yast but a
sudo zypper install

fixed the problem!

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