So I bought my first system with an SSD and a HDD: the ASUS G55VW
When checking the pre-installed windows I realized, I'd run out of disk space quickly. I'll document my efforts here how to get around that problem.

750GB 7200 rpm SSH

The SSD is split in 4 (!) partitions (the HDD in 2) I haven't figured out what all the partitions are there for, yet! The above is an assumption.

The 82.51GB partition is already 75% full. I'd maybe like to install some programs that profit from the fast SSD here, too.
Other software I plan to install on
Possible ways to get some free space:
  1. Remove unneeded software
  2. Move user data and app data to other disk


So far I tried changing the Paths of MyDocuments, MyWhatever etc by rightclicking --> Properties --> Location
plus updating the Registry like:
Bad Idea... I lost all My StartMenu and hat to restore my system.
There is people suggesting right-clicking and moving the folders to another drive. I cannot confirm this is working.

Next attempt, the symlinks..
Doesn't work while logged-in as administrator as I cannot rename the original folder.
The above link explains quite well how to move te Users folder using symlinks. I didn't try that one earlier because the recovery dvd that came with my laptop wouldn't allow me to open a console (which is essential for the above solution!)
Finally I found an old Vista DVD somewhere that did the Job.
The above solution not only works for the Users folder but also for the ProgramData
the only difference is that ProgramData is a hidden folder, use Dir /a to see it

- Whatever Security Package (BuyMeAfterAWhileWare)
- ASUS Game Center?
- bing bar
- bing desktop

Move User and AppData


1. Create Restore Point
2. Boot a LiveCD that allows you access to a command prompt (I used an old Vista Recovery DVD)
3. copy Users folder to another drive (make sure you got the drive letters right)
robocopy /copyall /mir /xj D:\Users E:\Users
4. copy ProgramData to another drive
robocopy /copyall /mir /xj D:\ProgramData E:\ProgramData
5. delete the original folders
rmdir /S /Q D:\Users
rmdir /S /Q D:\ProgramData
6. Create SymLinks / Junctions
mklink /J D:\Users E:\Users
mklink /J D:\ProgramData E:\ProgramData
7. Test
goto d:\ (or wherever your windows os is)
dir /a
check if Users and ProgramData are junctions pointing to the other drive
Users [E:\Users]
ProgramData [E:\ProgramData]
7. Reboot >.<
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